Sunday, August 30, 2009

Toni Morrison Mini-Challenge

When I that The Little Reading Nook was offering a Toni Morrison Mini Challenge, I had to sign up. Even though this is a short term mini-challenge that lasts only four months (September 2009 - December 2009, the challenge is a motivator for me to read the last few novels of Toni Morrison's which I haven't read yet. This mini challenge focuses on reading four fictional novels written by Toni Morrison. Her novels include:

The Bluest Eye (1970, ISBN 0-452-28706-5)
Sula (1974, ISBN 1-4000-3343-8)
Song of Solomon (1977, ISBN 1-4000-3342-x)
Tar Baby (1981, ISBN 1-4000-3344-6)
Beloved (1987, ISBN 1-4000-3341-1)
Jazz (1992, ISBN 1-4000-7621-8)
Paradise (1999, ISBN 0-679-43374-0)
Love (2003, ISBN 0-375-40944-0)
A Mercy (2008, ISBN 978-0-307-2463-7)

The four novels I want to read are:
1. A Mercy
2. Paradise
3. Song of Solomon
4. Paradise

Go to The Little Reading Nook for all of the details.

Happy Reading!


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  1. I really loved all those Morrison books. Also, The Blues Eye by her was a favorite,